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  The bright thinking behind BLUE

Research shows consumers overwhelmingly prefer the color blue. Blue makes us feel calmer, more productive, and our brains even remember information better when written in blue.  That’s why our new touchscreen and digital thermostats feature a blue display. We had more bright ideas too (of course, confirmed by research with thousands of homeowners). Our new blue displays are larger and lighted with bigger, easy-to-see characters allowing for easier navigation. We enhance the user experience with the intuitive, color-coded up/down temperature keys, extra-large touch keys and soft-touch keypads. These ideas are simple — but important to your customers.  Both 90 Series Blue touchscreen thermostats and 80 Series Blue digital thermostats offer installer-selectable dedicated programmable or non-programmable mode, and dual power source (hardwired or battery).  The new Blue thermostats feature exclusive patented Cool Saving™, which saves energy during peak A/C demand periods. Install our Blue thermostats with confidence because they offer the quality and

dependability you’ve come to expect from White-Rodgers. Your customers aren’t the only ones who’ll benefit from our bright thinking!

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Provides perfect temperature controls for a variety of applications and features

• Programmable 7- Day, 5/1/1 Day, 5/2 Day, 0-Day or Non-Programmable.

• Gas, Oil, Electric, mV and 2 or 3-Wire Zone compatible.

• Automatic Heat/Cool changeover option.

• Keypad lockout and setpoint temperature limit options.

• Dual power - hardwired and/or battery powered.

• Fits vertical or horizontal junction box.

• Air filter change indicator option.

• Available in Universal (Single Stage, Multi-Stage, Heat pump) or Single Stage Models.

• Spanish language display models available.

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The White Rodgers Sensi WiFi Thermostat

The White Rodgers Single and Multi-stage Programmable Thermostats

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